Mykl Studios

There are so many ways to view the world around us. 
Color is a gift. I express myself accordingly. 

A visual desert tray of color and expression. 
Expressing the world through acrylic on canvas.

Born on the Bio

Uncorking The Terroir-Driven Art of Mykl, The Sommelier Painter

Mykl is a San Francisco Bay Area full-time artist living in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Mykl is how Michael Welch has always signed his artwork, since 1976, based on a phonetic spelling of his first name. 

He feels he was born to create and has enjoyed creating almost from his first breath. Mykl started drawing at age two. Growing up, he drew caricatures of people in church to offset the boredom and has immersed himself in art and creativity ever since. 

At age five, Mykl painted a large sheet of paper entirely red in kindergarten. After explaining to his teacher it was the end of the world on fire. She ridiculed him in front of the class. At that moment, he knew he was on to something. And his world view through art began. 

He started painting over forty years ago. He studied art at the University of Iowa, Monterey Peninsula College and the Oregon College of Art. Mykl was a professional sculptor for twelve years, a professional cartoonist and illustrator for many years before going into standup comedy and studying wine. He is also a member of ArtSpan in San Francisco and the Los Gatos Art Association.

He prefers the immediacy of acrylics. They dry quickly allowing the artist to apply other layers without having to wait for weeks for the oil paint to dry. And acrylic paint cleans up quickly. Mykl only uses the best quality acrylics with an ATSM lightfast rating of one, which translates to the highest resistance to sunlight and fading. It typically takes over 100 years for these paints to even begin to fade. 

His cartoons, illustrations and drawings have appeared in The National Lampoon, San Francisco Chronicle, Monterey Peninsula Herald, Monterey Life Magazine, Carmel Pine Cone, Pacific Grove-Pebble Beach Tribune and countless other publications. He also started a greeting card line showcasing his cartoons. 

His paintings are a rich expression of color and passion.  
 From street scenes to landscapes and figure painting, and abstracts to abstractions, Mykl chooses his subjects according to his ability to express his interpretations through vivid colors and elegant yet powerful brushstrokes. 
 Each painting starts out as a Grand Cru Burgundy with careful consideration to structure. About 90% into the painting the Left Bank Bordeaux strokes are overlaid and blended in…okay sometimes the blend includes a splash or two of Hermitage. 
 It is the artist’s hope you enjoy his paintings as you would a wine of elegance and expression. 
 Cheers and brushstrokes, 
 Mykl, (AKA Michael Welch) Artist & Certified Sommelier, WSET ll 

*All of these are for sale. Please contact me for any sales or commissioned work.

Latest Works

"He Ain't Heavy"

24 x 30

"Pappy and Cappy"

24 x 24

A portrait of my father with his favorite dog, Cappy.

"A Portrait of Buckminster Fuller: Call Me Trimtab"

Awarded Honorable Mention in the Greater Bay Area Open (GBAO) art competition. Currently on display in the NUMU museum is Los Gatos, CA. 

20 x 24

The Complete Gallery

"Letting Go"

24 x 24. $950

"Back by the car, she took off her gloves and held the scissors in her hand.
They fit her fist like an apple, her favorite weapon 
since fruit tends to leave very few marks in open spaces. 
The horse appeared before her. She rode away."

I had a ton of fun painting this, so many layers. The brushstroke revolution continues.

"Passing Through Naples" 

Acrylic on canvas. 24 x 48. $3200

The big canvas had been staring back at me in a game of blink for months. I finally put it on the easel and began this painting from a panorama shot while visiting Naples, Italy in 2019. 
This specifically is San Ferdinando in Naples. 

This took a long time. I knew it would. I painted the people first, then the buildings. 

This might be my favorite so far, at least one of my favorites. But that usually happens when I finish a painting. But this one...

"The World on Mute"

20 x 30. $1200

One does not need earbuds to tune the world out to embrace silence until the colors scream.
(One of my favorites. Fun to paint.)

"Payne's Beach"

24 x 24. $900

A 1949 Cadillac Sedanette, since you were wondering. I love cars and modes of transportation, and I especially love the nostalgia and all the cars I saw as a child and growing up. This was a classic. 

"Down Over"

30 x 48. $1800

A painting of Aptos, California, heading to one of my favorite beaches.

"Jeremy and Ringo"



Oil on canvas. Framed. 20 x 24. $950

I painted this in 1980. One of the few unsold oil paintings in my studio right now.

"A Decent Descent"

30 x 48. $1800 
(I almost called this Final Descent.) 

The Backstory: 

Fade in:

His passions were bookmarked in unwarranted shame. Endless days of white bread and carefully tended faces cradled him in predictable weather and incandescent light. Forbidden nightlights were the devil’s lava lamp illuminating a measured life with love’s touchstone of expectations and separate beds snitching beneath the forbidden harvest under a thousand thread count starched white fitted sheets. 
Some say Venus headlined the sky the night before the fall. A wisdom born of childbirth redefined her on the other side of her doll house. Unattended candles and a chance exchange on the tarmac, seated in the same row, words befell colors outside the window seat. 
Some called it a budding emergency into the ultimate continuum. Perhaps it was the repetitive circles of trees and clouds interacting with the linear grid of the land that called out to them in pastures of hope leaking through the fracture. Beauty is a mighty lodestone with the weight of gravity pulling you home. And the scented candles lit the sky to prepare themselves for landing. 

Fade out.

(This concept has been in my head for several weeks. It began with a sketch from four pics I took while landing in Stockholm Sweden. I like the idea of letting the viewer fill in the details. 
This is one of those where I could just keep painting detail after detail. 
But you have to stop eventually, like the couple joining hands over the sky)

"Big Sur Afternoon"

30 x 48 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $3200

While I am now very satisfied with this piece,..keep reading...

This one totally kicked my ass. It took a whole week to finish, working on it 6 to 8 hours a day. 
I started liking it toward the end, but it was a massive challenge. For one, it was based on a pic that was too obscure and dark to sketch out so many basics shapes. So I had to fill them in as I went along, a long grueling task. I tried several approaches and settled on putting it together piece by piece, not unlike a mosaic. I finally decided to go for a style similar to some of the landscape paintings you see on Italian ceramics like some I saw just north of Positano.

"Capitola Dreaming"

24 x 30 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1650

Capitola Village is one of my happy places, a little gem on the coast just south of Santa Cruz, about a 35 minute drive from home. I love quaint, colorful places. 

"The Welch Homestead"

18 x 24 on gallery-wrapped canvas. SOLD

The house I grew up in located in Burlington, Iowa. A humble little abode with three bedrooms and one bathroom. As with most homesteads, so many stories and incidents happened here. 

"Mayacamas Barrel Room" 

24 x 30  on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1650

Back in 2016 our Intensive Sommelier Training class went on a field trip to Mayacamas Winery in Napa. 
I took this shot because of the interesting perspective.. 

Mayacamas does not typically encourage a lot of visitors, but we were with Ian Cauble, the Master Sommelier of "Somm" fame on Netflix. He has clout. The wines were stunning.

"Porto Venere, Cinque Terre"

30 x 40 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $3200

It took sixteen days to finish this piece. I took this shot on the dock after leaving the ferry while visiting this Italian village in 2019 to fulfill a bucket list destination dream. And it certainly did not disappoint.

"He Ain't Heavy: Kim and Austin" 

18 x 24 on gallery-wrapped canvas. SOLD

My late brother and his son.

"Barcelona Overtones" 

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 12 x 12. $300

Currently on exhibit and for sale in the Holiday Small Works show 
at the Kansas City Stockyards Gallery in Kansas City, MO.

"Tomorrow Bay"

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas.9 x 12. $225

"First Date" 

18 x 24 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $900

"Farmer J" 

16 x 20 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $650

"A Sunset for Virginia"

18 x 18 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $650

"The Cookie Clan"

20 x 20 on gallery-wrapped canvas. SOLD

A commissioned piece.

"The Final Visit" 

16 x 20 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $650

"Yellow Crush"

20 x 24 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $950

"Self Portrait" 

18 x 18 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $650

"Garden Envy"

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 24 x 36. $1200


Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 16 x 20. $650

"Signs of Life"

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 24 x 36. $1800

"Marina Dunes"

Mixed Media on gallery-wrapped canvas.. 20 x 24. $1500

From a trip to Marina Dunes, CA.


Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 24 x 24. $1200

"The Late Bloomer"

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 18 x 24. $900

"October Bloom"

Acrylic/Mixed Media on gallery-wrapped canvas. 36 x 36. $2700

Tasteful extravagance seeks a space on your wall.

"Parcel 56"

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 24x 36. $1800

A colorful reverie for your home.

"Sun Peace"

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 30 x 40. $2500 SOLD

"Palm Avenue"

Acrylic/Mixed Media on gallery-wrapped canvas. 18 x 24. $900

Mood lifter seeks a space on your wall.


Acrylic/mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas.. 24 x 24. $1200 

"Ben Gupta"

Acryli on gallery-wrapped canvas.. 24 x 24. $1200 SOLD


Acrylic. 20 x 24. SOLD

"Sidnie Waller: I Am With You"

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 24 x 30. SOLD

Sidnie was killed in a car accident. Her friend was driving under the influence and Sidnie lost her life..

"Sincerely Yours" 

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 24 x 30. $1500

"Happenstance Harbor"

16 x 20 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $850

"Hiding from the Tomkins"

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 9 x 12. $225

"The Understated Incident at Martial Cottle Park"

24 x 24 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1500

I thought I'd tone it down for the sake of subtlety and elegance on this one, he said boldly. 

This park is about a half mile from where I live and I ride my electric bike here often. 

"The Proposal"

24 x 24 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1500

A friend took a pic of a couple at the famed "The Bean" sculpture in Chicago two years ago. He gave me permission to use it. After I finished, many people tried to find the couple to let them know this painting of them existed. Note: Hair colors, clothing and other details have been changed for privacy and legal purposes. 

"Down Time" 

24 x 30 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1650

"A Nook in Old Town Rhodes" 

24 x 36 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1800

From a pic I took while visiting the island of Rhodes, Greece

"Late Afternoon Sausalito" 

20 x 30 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1200

Pushing the edge a bit as I channel the Bay Area Figurative Art movement of the 50's and 60's 
in the spirit of Thiebeau, Diebenkorn and especially Henrietta Berk.

Facing the source of light, what you see is the darker hues of your subjects and more contrast. In this case, the purpose is color and expression. I like doing this for the daydreaming, meditative effect. 
A mood piece.

This one is all about expression, less planning and more action.

"Fisherman's Wharf Monterey"


This was my third painting this year. I was just getting back in the groove. 
It was a crowd favorite on social media.

"Monterey Soliloquy"

30 x 40. $2500

Water can be challenging, but not this time. I lived in Monterey for eight years not long after I left Iowa for good. Such a special spot on the planet. 

I was a sculptor most of the time I lived here and sold every piece, mostly to a gallery here on the wharf. But the welding fumes were getting to me, so I reluctantly moved on to cartooning an illustration for several years. So Monterey and this wharf are bookmarked in my soul. "

"Cahalan Park"

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 24 x 36. $1800

Sometimes a painting just happens. It paints itself almost as if the brush was being channeled. 
This is one of those paintings.

"Palo Alto Interlude"

24 x 36 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1800
(Exhibited at Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA - December 2 - 31, 2021. Group show.

I love downtowns with hidden alcoves like this, a perfect place to engage the mental and emotional clutch and enjoy the beauty around you.

When I sketched this onto the canvas, painting it was like untangling a ball of yarn with all the intersecting lines. Every piece is like a jigsaw puzzle, and the brushstrokes are the puzzle pieces.

Then there is that moment when you stop and step back and look at the painting and it feels good. 
It's coming together nicely. And you can't wait to finish it and enjoy it for a while 
before starting the next piece.

This little area in Palo Alto is a respite from all concerns. I
 hope this painting serves the same purpose for you as it does for me.

"Dear Jack"

20 x 30. $950

When I was around 21 years old one of my roommates in Burlington Iowa just returned from hitchhiking to visit some friends in Denver. He walked into my bedroom speaking with passion and duende and handed me a book he told me was largely responsible for creating who I am as well as who he was. The book was “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. I immediately read the book and fell in love with his writing and his adventures. Kerouac became one of my heroes from that point on.

I read everything he wrote. A couple of decades later I bought the CD of the recording he did with Steve Allen of talk show fame. The first time I heard Kerouac’s voice was on the track 
“October in the Railroad Earth.” I wept. 

To this day I regard it as one of the best recordings ever created. The flow of words and phrases in his unique rhythm and French-Canadian accent was like phrases flowing from a jazz saxophone. 

So, I had to paint this. And during the process, I wept.


"Pienza Dreaming" 

20 x 30. $1500

I like the idea of taking a pastoral scene and setting it on fire with color. I try to create spectrums within a painting, in fact with all the art I have been involved with. 

In this case, the sky has only touch of clouds, a degree above subtle. The trees on the right have white swirled in, the trees on the upper left scream a bit in orange as well as a spectrum of other colors. 

There are two focal points, the fiery orange on the treetops on the upper left along with the three white cloud puffs above it, and the stone building.  The car is a minor focal point. I left it white to not let it upstage anything. It's a minor addition like a plot point in a screenplay. 

The sky and distant grounds are display subtle movement in contrast with the intensity of the color 

highlights on the trees and more detailed stone building. 

Originally I had a mountain range in the background, but decided to drop the sky down to create a more atmospheric, moody feel to create the curvature of the earth. 

When I first think the piece is finished, I consult with Ginny and Jeremy and set it on the corner counter in the kitchen/family room and sit back to study it and allow my inner critic to have voice. I try to figure out the spectrums and contrasts, then take it back it for finality. In this case, I thought I was finished at least five times. I went to bed last night satisfied with it after posting it, then I woke up and decided it was still in need of more color and expression, so I went back and worked it some more for three more touch ups. Maybe I'm finished now.)

"Deacon Blues" 

36 x 36. $2200

The founders of Steely Dan. Walter Becker and Donald Fagan. 

I love Steely Dan and often listen to them while painting.

"Miles Davis: Blue in Green" 

30 x 40. $1800

Miles had so much style, it beckoned the paintbrush into my hand..

"Raindog Cafe"

24 x 24. $750

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge Tom Waits fan. I have been fortunate enough to have seen him live five times..It was just a matter of time before I painted him. 

"Forty Years South" 

20 x 30. $1200

A man separated by 40 years starting at the beginning of a path to the end staring over the horizon 
with his companion, his dog. I teared up a bit as the canvas took shape 
contemplating the inevitable passage of time. 

The image of the man on my bike is my son. 
The image of the man at the ocean is from a pic I took recently at Dana Point, CA. 

Realizing my son would some day reach the sea was heartbreaking to me. I will most likely not be around when he does, but I will be waiting for him when when that time arrives for him. 

(I started with the idea of mirroring two dissimilar scenes then got overwhelmed with how to make it into a smooth transition between the two. I sketched it out, did the underpainting, then put it away to think about it while painting the one of Ginny titled, "The Space Between Moods." Then I got the idea to hinge them together. Then I got the idea for drawer pulls. Then I finished it. Hope you like it.)  

"The Space Between Moods"

24 x 24. $1200

I was working on another painting that required a lot of detail and I just didn't have it in me. At the time, 
I need inspiration. So I stopped and did this with much inspiration. 
Then I got back to the other painting. 

"Natalie and Ringo"


"The Exit"

24 x 48 on gallery-wrapped canvas. $1800

Years ago when I was a cartoonist and illustrator, I drew several drawings of various people wandering around with seemingly no direction. Now I'm painting several people on canvas in the same way. What I like about the concept is the existential surreality of people wandering around the land searching for something not revealed as if to ask whither are we drifting, but Eckhart already claimed that title. 

"The Middle Child"

30 x 30. $2150

Here I am, barely visible, with Ginny on a Carmel beach.
Yes, I'm a middle child. We go through life feeling like this. 

"St. George"

24 x 36. $1750

This iconic piece is the first one I painted seven months into the pandemic. My wine career ended and after listening to my heart, I knew I had to paint again. This turned out better than I hoped and it started the flood of paintings you see here. I am forever indebted to this piece. It will be difficult to part with once it sell, but at least I have it in digital form. 

"Trefethen Vineyards"

18 x 24. $550

The second painting of 2021. From a visit to Trefethen winery in Napa Valley. 

"Sundown at Patchwork Ranch" 

18 x 24. $750

This humble little piece was my third painting this year. 

"Self Portrait in Tuscany" 

18 x 24. $750

This was my fifth painting this year. Me in Tuscany 2019. 

"Ginny at Ax-les-Thermes" 

24 x 30. $1200

Ginny at a charming little village in southern France.This piece was a pivotal point for me pushing myself into the direction I wanted to go in.

 "Alesón, Rioja, Spain"

10 x 20. SOLD

From a scene in Rioja, Spain when I was there in 2018. 

"Happy Hour at Corkscrew Café"

20 x 24 - $950

In Carmel Valley Village, this cafe has a museum of corkscrews. 
A charming place in a charming, rusting village in my old stomping grounds.

"Aranda de Duero, Castile & Leon, Spain"

24 x 36. $1800

A scene from my third floor window in this amazing Spanish village in 2018.
How I hope to return here one day!


He Ain't Heavy 
24 x 30

Pappy and Cappy
24 x 24

In the Vineyard
20 x 20

Reeding Into It
24 x 24

April in Manahattan
22 x 28

20 x 24

A Portrait of Buckminster Fuller: Call Me Trimtab
20 x 24

Abstracts & Abstractions

First Date
18 x 24


A Sunset for Virginia
18 x 18


Yellow Crush
24 x 30


Garden Envy
24 x 36


Signs of Life
24 x 36


16 x 20


Sincerely Yours
24 x 30


The Late Bloomer
24 x 30


October Bloom 36 x 36


In the Vineyard 24 x 24


Small Paintings

Barcelona Overtones
12 x 12

This will be exhibited in the "Holiday Small Works Show" Juried Exhibition
at Kansas City Stockyards Gallery.

OPENING RECEPTION November 19th, 5pm-9pm
SHOW DATES – November 19th-January 14th 2022

In order to create more affordable and accessible art, I’m painting a series of small canvases. This one is 12 inches square. That's right one square foot of acrylic expression

From a trip to Spain in 2018. The brushstroke travelogue continues. 


Tomorrow Bay
9 x 12

The second in a series of smaller paintings to get into the lesser price range. 

This piece reminds me somewhat of a watercolor painting. However, acrylic is water based. 

This is from a trip we took to Morro Bay on Labor Day 2014. For some reason I love the challenge of intersecting planes, reflections and shadows. I look at the sketch and see a tangled world I need to make sense of, to untangle it into something pleasing to the eye. I also like dreamy images. 

This small painting would fit nicely into many small wall spaces. And since it's a 1 1/2 inch thick, gallery-wrapped canvas. It can be displayed simply by setting it on a small table space.



Hiding from the Tomkins
9 x 12

The third in a series of smaller paintings to get into the lesser price range. 

This small painting would fit nicely into many small wall spaces. And since it's a 1 1/2 inch thick, gallery-wrapped canvas. It can be displayed simply by setting it on a small table space.




Sawyer 2021 MVP - SOLD

Sawyer Pilgrim is a star!

Owen 2021 CHAMPS - SOLD

Owen Pilgrim is a champ!

The Cookie Clan - SOLD

Three generations.

Celebrity Paintings

Raindog Cafe 
24 x 24 inches


Dear Jack 
20 x 30 inches


Miles Davis: Blue in Green
30 x 48 inches


Deacon Blues (Walter Becker & Donald Fagen) 36 x 36 inches


A Portrait of Buckminster Fuller: Call Me Trimtab
36 x 36 inches



Art Ark Gallery

San Jose, CA

Art Ark Gallery

San Jose, CA

The Grape Nest

Point Richmond, CA

Silicon Valley Open Studios

Fall 2021

The Grape Nest

Point Richmond, CA

The Wine Room

Palo Alto, CA

The Wine Room
Palo Alto, CA

The Wine Room
Palo Alto, CA

The WIne Room
Palo Alto, CA

Kansas City Stockyards Gallery - Kansas City, MO
"Barcelona Overtones" part of a group show "Holiday Small Works. Nov 19 - Jan 14, 2022


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 Michael “Mykl” Welch
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